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Giving Back

I'm currently constructing a vision of my new Yoga company. Giving Yoga to those in need, while creating a committee of like minded yogis, that help the company give back to the community in need.


Imagine a structure of business, that is helping those in need with Yoga, Financial Needs, and physical needs, with the people, through the people, for the people. Now that is a company that gives back.  Giving back is a big part of what we teach on the mat, and its a lifestyle that we want to live off the mat, into this wonderful community we live in.


As a mobile business we can go anywhere, we are only limited by the spaces we have. As a mobile company we are always on the look out for space that anyone that would like to offer us, even if only for a temporary time.


If you are a nonprofit, or person in need, or know of anyone in need of our services, please let us know. Whether it be physical or monetary, we are in the business of giving back.


If you are a like minded yogi, who wants to join in giving back, or know of someone in need please direct them to this site, and/or contact me at


If you believe in our cause and want to offer a donation, we are grateful for any monetary amount you feel inclined to offer, by clicking the Donate button below.


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Here are some of the business we are helping

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