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Kris Myers CPT, E-RYT, Owner/Operator

My name is Kris Myers. I've studied the art of Yoga since 2006 through a variety of different companies, I am an experienced registered yoga professional who's been teaching since 2007, and it been an amazing experience.


My personal practice came in 2001, when I felt a calling to yoga for no apparent reason. At least I didnt know it at the time. I had never practiced an ounce of yoga before that time. I showed up on my mat, and felt fabulous. I was instantly addicted. I barely ever missed a class, until my one and only instructor left the facility I was attending. I was heart broken. I wondered around lost for a short period, keeping my practices to myself.


Until one day I had another calling. To conquer my greatest fear. All the signs were pointing that way, what could I do? So i decided to try breaking my fear of of standing in front of people. It was a horrible experience, one that I will never forget. But I had a great support system, and a lot of people wanted to see my succeed, so I kept at it. Over a lot of practice, I became a cycling coach.


I'm sure you know where it goes from here? I'm a Yoga Instructor. But so much more than that. I am a human being, who enjoys sharing the practice of Yoga, all of the limbs of Yoga. I believe the practice of yoga starts exactly where its supposed and eventually evolves into something greater. What that is, varies per person. But for me...its Satsang, Meditation, Mantra, Kirtan, and so much more. For me, Yoga is a way of life. A life that should be lived to its fullest, with happiness, joy and Love.


Currently my love of yoga is leading me to a place of selfless giving. I see so much hurt in the world, and I feel compelled to offer what I know to heal. I am very passionate about it, and its my goal to make something that heals alot of people, on many levels. I dont know where exactly this is going (at least not at the moment I write this. But I am waiting for my next calling.) Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.


Love & Light,




  • American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer (October 2018)

  • StrongFirst Kettlebell Course (January 2018)

  • Mental Health Frist Aid (October 2017)

  • American Council on Exercise: Certified Group Fitness Instructor (July 2017)

  • Kickbox Cardio, Jan 2013, LA Fitness International - Portland, Or

  • TRX Suspension Training: Group Course (May 2012)

  • Chakras, Thai Energy, Pranayama, & Ayurveda, Dec 2012; Yogafit - Seattle, Wa

  • 200 Hour E-RYT: Yoga, Sep 2012, YogaFit - Various, CA

  • Viniyoga Therapy for Structural Conditions - Gary Kraftsow, Portland, Or Sept 2012

  • Education Group Course, May 2012; TRX Suspension Training - Gresham, Or

  • Senior Training: Yoga, Jul 2010, Yogafit - Hood River, Or

  • Yoga Therapy, Level 1, Yoga Fit, June 2009

  • Yogafit Kids, Aug 2008, YogaFit - Hood River, Or

  • Prenatal/Postnatal, Aug 2008, Yogafit - Hood River, Or

  • YogaCycle, Apr 2008, Yogafit - Puyallup, WA

  • Reaction Cycling, Nov 2007, Schwinn Cycling - Portland, Or

  • Class Design in No Time, Oct 2007, Schwinn Cycling - Portland, , Or

  • Music Magic, Oct 2007 Schwinn Cycling - Portland, Or

  • InterAction, Oct 2007, Schwinn Cycling - Portland, Or

________________________________________________ Community Service ___________________________________________________

  • USATF, Speed n Action Track Club, Assistant Coach, 2016 - Current

  • Volunteer Boy Scouts of America: Merit Badge Counselor for Physical Fitness, Hiking, Cycling, and Sports, 2011 - current

  • Volunteer Boy Scouts of America: District Merit Badge Coordinator, 2013- current

  • Volunteer Boy Scouts of America: Fundraising Chair 2012 - current

  • Yoga For Food Fundraiser: Organized and Ran for local Food Bank, 2009



_______________________________________________Additional Information____________________________________________________

Programs Created


  • Older Adult Functional Movement Small Group Training 2018 - current

  • 30 Day Yoga Commitment Program: 2008 - current

  • Yoga in the Park: Donation Based Yoga class in Park 2008 - current

  • Office Yoga Sessions: 2008 - current

  • Yoga Fundamentals Workshop: Basics of Yoga, 2010 - current

  • Yoga Nidra Workshop: 2010 - current

  • Yoga for Chronic Neck & Shoulder Pain Workshop: 2010 - current

  • Yoga for Chronic Back Pain Workshop: 2010 - current

  • Power Yoga Event Weekend Workshop: 2010- Current

  • Yoga BootCamp Weekend Workshop: 2012

  • Yoga for Athletes Workshop: 2014

  • Yoga for Cyclists Workshop: 2014 - Current

  • Yoga for Beginners Session: 2014 - Current

  • Yoga Retreats to Various Locations: 2014 - current

  • Love Yourself Campaign: 2015

  • Myofascia Release: Self Massage 2015

  • SI Joint Stability classes: 2015


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