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Due to copyright laws I can not play music in my class. You however can choose any music you enjoy. If you have spotify you can use any one of the custom playlists above that are designed for Yoga. For more tips for success in Yoga check out my blog post.

*Lunchtime Yoga is billed once a month at the beginning of the month or prorated as needed.


*Yoga with Kris - invoices will be sent out at the end of the month with your attendance. Pricing is on a sliding scale from $8 to $15 per class/per person.

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Self Massage

A self-massage could be just what you need to immediately relieve your aching neck pain or stiff low back.

Self- Massage has been known to help reduce headaches, tension, stress, and manage chronic conditions when included in a comprehensive treatment plan.

I've offered Self-Massage workshops for a number of years and would like to offer a Virtual Workshop as soon as January 2021, depending on your interest. 

To be added to an interest list please contact me below.

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