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Training Program for Hiking

Getting You Ready for the Outdoors

panther creek


Here in the Pacific Northwest, we live in some of the most pristine areas that you can't simply view from your car, and why would you want to, when you can hike our amazing trail system. 

dry creek falls

Why Training?

Have you ever gone for a hike and

  • felt a cringing pain in your knees? 

  • Were so sore you could barely move the next day?

  •  couldn't make it to the viewpoint?

Training with a professional will give you one-on-one personal attention in a small group or individually to help you get outdoors and love it. All of your previous injuries are considered and supported. 

mt hood

30 years of


Hiking, Backpacking and Cycling

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panther creek falls

Hiking Benefits

If you've hiked the Pacific Northwest I don't need to explain this, you already know. Maybe you never realized Hiking ...

  • is one of the best ways to exercise 

  • boost your mood and improve mental health

  • reduces anxiety

  • great interval training

  • good for your heart

  • makes us happier

  • lower blood pressure

  • cost effective

Indian heaven wilderness

Get Started

Training will start as early as March with a second session starting in April. Each 6-week session will include strength and conditioning sessions, a focus on mobility, balance, and endurance.  


Cost $145

*guided hikes are additional

the narrows on the clackamas river
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