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Office Yoga

Are you looking for Yoga but can't make it to the gym or a Yoga Studio? How about Yoga that comes to you? I am currently offering Yoga classes, in the Gresham/Troutdale/SE Portland Area, and Clackamas/Milwaukie/Oregon City area that I will bring to your work place during the daytime hours. If you are interested please  email me at for a quote today!

Private Lessons

If you are new to the practice of yoga, or struggle with a group yoga class, or maybe find a group yoga class intimidating, a private yoga session will allow you to discover first hand what yoga is all about, and how you can find comfort in the practice of yoga.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, the benefits of a private session can help you grow in your practice.

Here are the great benefits of working with a teacher in a private session:

•    Get personal attention, to your needs inc adjustments & modifications.

•    A customized sequence of poses to accommodate you.

•    Starting a yoga practice that meets you right where you are.

•    Less distractions present.

•    Get the time & attention needed to ask detailed questions.

•    Find your own comfort level of a practice.



Single Sessions (1hour)

1 class - $65

5 classes - $300

10 classes  - $500


Book your Session Now!


Small group Session? I offer that, as well.

Single Sessions (1 hour)

2 people - $110 per session.

3 people -  $135 per session

4 people - $160 per session



Yoga in the Park

Practicing yoga in a park is a serene way to really step into your practice. The chirping of the birds, the buzzing of the bees, the beauty of nature, all surrounding you and welcoming you into your practice. The sense of grounding is so overwhelming, its hard to get off your mat.


If you are interested in bring a practice outdoors to your neighborhood, lets book it. I've taught Yoga in the Park successfully for many years, and often offer this class as a donation based class, for your community.


Are you looking to step away from your everyday life and immerse yourself in your Yoga practice? Inquire about a Yoga Retreat. What is a Yoga Retreat?


A weekend or Day away from the Portland Area with a group of like minded people, learning the practice of Yoga on and off the mat. Practices of Asana, Meditation, and discussion of the 8 limbs of yoga are usually experienced on a retreat. Along with some down time spent doing what is you want to do. Click on the Events tab above to see if any retreats are scheduled at this time or book one today for your small group.


Taking a poll for our next Retreat scheduled for late April and again in November.



Yoga can be a fun way to play and a great way to add serenity to someone who needs it. You can host a Yoga party for a friend who you think is need of some serenity or is looking for some comfort in their bodies.


Yoga is a unique way to add dimension to your parties.You can even add this fun party idea to your Bridal Showers, or A Birthday Party.

Myofascia Release

Release tension held in the fascia and muscle complexes of your body. Gain back Range of Motion, and a healthy feeling in your body. Build body awareness, and release neuromusclar tension.


Lots of options to book your package today. 

Single 30min Session $40

Single 60min Session $67


30 Day, 1x a week Package - building a routine of self care. $240, payment options available.


Also available are workshops that can be brought to your Studio, Gym, or workplace. One to three hours of self massage.

Beginning Yoga

A Session of classes that are designed to introduce the world of Yoga to your group. Don't have a group, but want to start one in your area? Give me a call.


Sessions can be 4 weeks to 12 weeks. But don't worry, it doesn't have to end there. Classes can turn into an ongoing program if the interest is there.


Is there something special you or your students need to work on in your personal practice or at the gym? Maybe its a physical alignment of a pose or series of poses. Or it could be healing certain areas of our bodies, like Neck and Shoulders, or maybe you want your students to learn about sequencing their home practice, safely.


Workshops are a great way to get you and the rest of your classes together in learning how to apply Yoga safely with success. Examples: Yoga Fundamentals, Inversions, Partner Yoga, Chair Yoga, Seniors Yoga, Yoga for MS, Fibromyalgia, Yoga Nidra, & Meditation.


Athletes - I offer workshops for you also!

*Foam Rollers - Releasing Myofascial tension

*Build the strength for your Cycling Adventures

*Runners, lets find some balance in your body for the long endurance.

Yoga 4 Athletes

Do you have a Hiking group, that is need of some Yoga? Lets hit the trail and practice Yoga while we are there.

Do you have a Cycling Group that needs some assistance in their rides with Working on Power, Range of Motion, flexibility? Lets talk.

Runners - Lets balance out the body with some stretch & strength.

Soccer Players - Lets find some balance in our hips, to keep those knees and hips safe.

It doesnt matter what your sport is, Yoga helps. Professional football players have adopted the practice, Dancers are using it to help with their performances, you can use it for your group or individual needs, as well.

Kids Yoga Programs

Kids love yoga just as much as adults. 


Kids yoga programs are taught in a playful manner learning breathing practices, games, moral lessons, and relaxation...Yes, kids can learn to relax too.


Contact me about bringing a yoga class for kids to your area.



Are you in need of raising money for your cause? A yoga event is a great way to bring awareness to your project.

There are alot of people in the yoga community that are passionate about the practice, and are passionate about giving back. Lets bring them together and get the word out about what you are doing.

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