Personal Training

I provide the training, you provide the space.

Whether it's in the comfort of your own home, at work or other location of your desire we can make it happen. No worrying about whether or not you can find equipment at the gym, or space on the machines, or enough room in the class.


 I can help you meet your fitness needs in cardiovascular, muscle endurance and strength, flexibility and functional movement.


I can help you determine your body composition and meet your goals in losing weight as well as help with general nutrition. 


You can work out on your own or with friends. This is a great opportunity to spend time with your friends while also helping each other reach your goals. 

How it works


Personal Training in home/office privates include


  • We start with an evaluation of where you are now. 

  • We will build a short term/long term plan, with your goals.

  • I will show up on scheduled times at your location of convienence with basic equipment, and guide you through your workout goals.




In the beginning, I will bring the basic equipment needed for evaluations and for your first four sessions. 


After that, I will ask you to start supplying your small equipment needed to continue your workouts (or option to continue use of my equipment for a small fee).  


I will not ask you to supply specialized equipment such as TRX, Vibration plates, BOSU balls, etc.


Remember investing in yourself is worth it, and when you have the equipment to continue your health and well being, than you will continue to take care of yourself. 


Individual Sessions


One Session $56

5 Sessions $257

10 Sessions $515

Monthly (4wks) 1x a week $206

Monthly (4wks) 2x a week $370

Monthly (4 wks) 3x a week $556



Specialty Sessions 

Myofascial Release only $67/hour

Vibration Plate Training $92/hour

Cycling Sessions

Athletic Sports Training

Yoga Private Sessions

Meditation Sessions 




Small Groups

(2 to 3 people) anything over 3 people becomes a group exercise class. (please contact for group exercise classes)  Evaluations for each person is done on an individual session rate.


One Session $82

5 Sessions $386

10 Sessions $772

Monthly (4wks) 1x a week $330

Monthly (4wks) 2x a week $618

Monthly (4 wks) 3x a week $865



Skype Options available. Pricing not yet determined. Evaluations will need to be in person, before the start of Skype. All equipment will need to be provided on your own.