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Personal Training

I provide the training, you provide the space.

Personal Training that meets your needs.


Kris is a certified Personal trainer that specializes in functional movement (movements based on real-world situational biomechanics). She is capable of meeting your needs in weight loss, strength, joint stability, relieving chronic pain due to instability, learning proper movement in exercise and so much more.

Kris has experience with special populations:

  • Seniors

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hypermobility)

  • Cancer patients

  • Youth and Adult Athletes

  • Post Surgery Rehab

Kris has a degree in exercise science and is certified as an ACSM CPT Personal Trainer. She also holds many certifications in specialty trainings, she is an experienced Certified Yoga Teacher.

How it works


Online Personal Training where you want


  • We start with an evaluation of where you are now. 

  • We will build a short-term/long-term plan, with your goals in mind.

  • Training Sessions are 30mins,

  • Warm-up/cool-down will be on your own and will be taught.

  • You can start to build your own home gym with basic equipment, or you can workout at your favorite gym

  • Training can be live, or through an app at your own convenience. 




In the beginning, After a free evaluation, we will determine your needs in equipment. Beginners to fitness will find bodyweight movement with little to no equipment. 


After that, you will invest in small equipment to build your version of a home gym. Your needs will depend on your goals. 


Remember investing in yourself is worth it, and when you have the equipment to continue your health and well-being, then you will continue to take care of yourself. 


Individual Online Sessions


One Session $56

Monthly (4wks) 1x a week $165

Monthly (4wks) 2x a week $315

Monthly (4 wks) 3x a week $450



Specialty Sessions 

Myofascial Release only $67/hour

Cycling Sessions

Athletic Sports Training

Yoga Private Sessions

Meditation Sessions 




Small Groups

(2 to 3 people) anything over 3 people becomes a group exercise class. (please contact for group exercise classes)  Evaluations for each person is done on an individual session rate.


One Session $82

Monthly (4wks) 1x a week $330

Monthly (4wks) 2x a week $618

Monthly (4 wks) 3x a week $865









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