Hi! My name is Kris, and as a fitness professional, I believe in the power of health and wellness and all it can do to bring appreciation for self, community, and healthy life. 


  I offer a traveling service in the Portland, Oregon metro area that includes Personal Training, Yoga, Myofascial Release, Assisted Stretching, Meditation, and specialty classes for Special Populations including Parkinson and Senior Functional Movement but most importantly education on how to live a healthy life for you. I come with years of experience and a joy for what I do, and it shows in my classes, retreats, and workshops.


Take some time to explore my site and see if there is something that meets your needs. I would also like to invite you to join my mailing list and Facebook page, as there's always something new and exciting being offered around the corner. 

Creating space for health and wellness

Manual Assisted Stretching

I'm now offering manual assisted stretching a technique where I assist you in stretches that help you:

  • Reduce or eliminate stress in your body

  • Decreased joint aches and pains

  • Greater balance and flexibility

  • Improved posture and mobility

  • Shorter recovery times after exercise sessions

  • Increased blood flow to exhausted muscles. 

call or email me today to book appointments, they are going fast.

COVID 19 Update

During this pandemic, all in-person classes have been canceled so that we can spread love instead of disease. This leaves me with no income, if you are able to support my cause in staying in the fitness/wellness industry please consider taking/sharing one of my sliding scale classes or offering an inkind donation. 


Kris Myers

at the end of the day is all you want to feel is at peace

What brings us peace is different for all of us, let's start with finding out what your needs are and moving forward from there. there. I can help you meet your training goals, finding yourself on your mat, or join us in the fun events that are coming your way. Check out more information below.


Kris Myers CPT,E-RYT | krisempoweredhw@gmail.com | 503/706-2448